Who I am?

I’m Matteo Alasio, a Ph.D. student in Electrical, Electronics and Communications engineering at Politecnico di Torino. I love physics, music and computer science. I know, they are three things that are “a bit” different 😉 But spending time on studying these topics I understand that they are correlated, and the more I study one of them, the more I love them!

What is my experience?

I start my experience at 11 years old when I make my first live concert. At that time I play the bass guitar but my passion is and was the guitar! So day by day I grow up in life and music and at 14 years old I decide to took private lessons of guitar with Marco Soria (a special big hug to him, thanks Marco, you make me love and understand more music). I continue to play with some local band and we had great live experience, but three years ago (in 2015) it happens what i wish! Marco asked me if I want to play with him in his beautiful project, AMEMANERA. Meanwhile I continue develop skill in computer science and I learn different programming languages (as C, JAVA, SQL, VBA,..).

Ph.D. and Research activity

For few years, I begain a Ph.D. in Electrical, Electronic and communications engineering. The focus of the Ph.D. is on the simulation of opto-electronic devices and in particular with Ge-on-Si photodetectors for fast communication applications. Here, you can find my Google Scholar link.

My last publications

  1. Bias effects on the electro-optic response of Ge-on-Si waveguide photodetectors, M.G.C. Alasio, M. Goano, A. Tibaldi, F. Bertazzi, S Namnabat, D. Adams, …, 2021 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), 1-2, 2021
  2. Ge-on-Si waveguide photodetectors: multiphysics modeling and experimental validation, M.G.C. Alasio, M. Goano, A. Tibaldi, F. Bertazzi, S Namnabat, D. Adams, …, 2021 International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic, 2021
  3. Next-generation long-wavelength infrared detector arrays: competing technologies and modeling challenges, M. Vallone, A. Tibaldi, F. Bertazzi, A. Palmieri, M.G.C. Alasio, S. Hanna, D. Eich, …, Integrated Optics: Characterization, devices, and applications, Volume 2, 1, 265


I’m playing the guitar since 2009. I’m passionate about music and I love have live concert. At the moment I’m playing as a guitaris in AMEMANERA, a Piedmont-dialet based project that have its focus on innovating traditional music and writing new song. I’m also playing as acusting guitar in the “Gli elefanti Rosa”, an acousting cover duo with my friend Elena Capra.

Videomaking and photography

I’m passionate about videomaking and photography and I’m uploading my picture on Instagram and my video on YouTube.

Where I studied and where I am studying?

I attended high school in Asti, at the Liceo Scientifico “F. Vercelli”. I choose the new couse that was called “Opzione scienze applicate” so I study computer science since 14 years old. During those years I learned to programming in different language: C, JAVA, SQL, VBA, OCTAVE/MATLAB, C++, HTML, Python, Arduino and LaTex. Now I’m attending to Politecnico di Torino in ECE (electronic and communications engineering). This undergraduate program is completely offer in English.

Scholarship and reward

For two consecutive years (this one and the last one) I took a reduction of the fee for merit and a scholarship for ECE student.